Excerpt from the review:

Vibraphonist and percussionist Erik Charlston grew up in south Chicago, but he clearly knows his way around Brazilian melodies and rhythms. He’s certainly no stranger to the music of one of the most acclaimed and beloved figures of the genre, the composer and multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal. Erik proved his bona fides with his first recording, Essentially Hermeto, and he delves deeper with his brand-new follow-up Hermeto: Voice and Wind (Sunnyside). Charles Pillow (sax, clarinet and flute) Vitor Gonçalves (piano), Eduardo Belo (bass) and Mauricio Zottarelli (drums) join Erik on the Zinc bandstand for Só Brasil: A Tribute to Hermeto Pascoal. Expect to hear melodies that lilt, flow and entice, sometimes evoking a gentle rain or meditative state, or practically commanding listeners to jump to their feet and dance.

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Hermeto: Voice And Wind

The new album, out now!